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“We’re talking about being careful about privacy and being cautious about the step between online contact and real-life contact,” she said.“The internet makes it very easy for people to quickly connect with others and find out and send very personal information.The emotional coins start small, then get larger and larger, until they want to know the deepest darkest secrets of your soul. Emotional predators can take your shared secrets and spill them like candy on the ground to others, just to watch you squirm. I’ve seen emotional predators take what would be considered “inner circle information” and spread complete fabrications as if it were the truth.◊♦◊In one heart-wrenching instance at my studio, I saw a 17-year-old girl get turned on by her best friend, a co-worker and a woman in her 20’s. She started pulling back on the friendship because it was getting a little too possessive and her family grew concerned.This is where I caution you, if you somehow feel unsafe sharing with this person, there’s a reason. This woman started false rumors about her former friend, shared intimate family details of difficulties, and bandied her friend’s “emotional currency” about as it tore up this 17-year-old girl wondering what was so wrong that someone could turn so cruelly on her so quickly. And if you’re thinking “that’s just an case of a mean girl”, allow me to share another story.They’ll be wonderful and try to get as much as they can out of their intended targets, as fast as they can.But it’ll seem like so much cotton candy from them up until it’s so sweet your teeth hurt. I’ve seen people share other people’s confidences and laugh at the pain it causes.—An emotional predator is someone who hat enjoys watching (or causing) pain in others.

Still, the guilty verdict was a stunning blow to Spanier, 68, who had long proclaimed his innocence, and to his supporters, who had fiercely defended him and accused prosecutors of overreaching and unfairly staining the university.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who this year took over the office that spent nearly a decade investigating and prosecuting the Sandusky case, said the verdict showed no one is above the law. His lawyer, Sam Silver, said they were heartened by the jury's acquittal on the two counts and would challenge its decision on the third.

A ruthless sexual predator who raped an 81-year-old woman just yards from her front door was jailed for at least seven years today after a judge declared it one of the most serious cases he had ever heard.

Detective superintendent Louise Raphael, head of the national rape task force, said the web offered more opportunities for sexual predators and that they were becoming more manipulative in the way they targeted their victims.“The reality is women are meeting up with people they don’t know.

Women are finding themselves in a very vulnerable position,” she said.

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I'm seeing more & more women who have been victimized in one way or another by men looking for a cheap thrill.

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